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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Treasured Memories 17 hour Crop

This was so cool! It was 7 hours on Friday, Feb. 6th and 10 hours on Saturday, Feb 7th.

Ok, so I was only there on Saturday for 10 hours, but it was great. I only got about 5 layouts done, but I got to meet some really cool ladies and a wonderful Creative Memories rep.

Since we each had an 8' table to ourselves, it was very easy to spread out and get comfortable. There was a wide variety of drinks and snacks avaiable for consumption. And there was someone there at all times if any of us needed anything.

We were able to enjoy some great Valentine's Day make-n-take tags, complete with glitter as well as some great door prizes and fun games.

I will definitely be going again!

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