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Saturday, August 25, 2012


I'm still here and have several pix to share and stories to tell. I've just been so tired and so busy. If any of you have ever moved, you understand! So, bare with me and I promise I'll have more sooner or later.....

Sunday, August 5, 2012


after a big thinderstorm last night, i woke up at 9am!!!
power was out
back on at 930
went to old place to clean
did a half-attempted effort
cleaned carpet enough to remove BAD staind
one stayed
will not get entire depost
at this point i don't care
one last car load
mom/dad helped unload
told them nathn b/r color and how i wanted shelves in pantry
they come tomorrow while i'm at work
they left
i shower
went to see diary of wimpy kid

more details/pix to come

Saturday, August 4, 2012

DAY ONE - Unpacking ??

Again you're getting high points because I'm exhausted and just wanna sit and relax before bed.

went to bed at 9pm last night
up at 11pm (tossing/turning)
up at 115am (same)
stayed up and watched hairspray x2h
back in bed 315am
up at 635am
sat with nathan for a bit until i got going, still tired
started painting living room
mom/dad show up 130pm w/pizza/coke zero
get tour and i give my ideas
eat pizza from rozelli's
mom unpacks and put away my/nathns clothes
boxes in middle of room
i start painting pantry
nathan paints part of pantry
mom/dad/nathan leave
nathan to stay night so i can go, go, go
dad tells me to go to bed early
can't - *I'm* only one to do stuff.....i HAVE to
finish setting up cable/internet
had wrong box on wrong tv - that's why no dvr - DUH
did second coat of mustard in living room
second coat in pantry
DONE for the day
eat last two pieces of pizza and a coke zero
watch tv
pray i sleep better tonight
plan to take ibuprofen before bed!

I'll elaborate later and add some pix too.
too tired again!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3 the big move

im too tired to go into details right now so will give u the high points. 

woke up 6
david cAme630 to takeapart swingset
gave him key to house
took nathan to daycare
dumpster boxes
wm for few things
home to fill boxes with leftovers
finally sat down for 2h befire movers came at 115
finished 315
filled 24' truck!
pick up nathan
drive to new house
met dave there
finished sump pump and swingset
pd him. he left
movers arrive.
unload truck
i try to help bug too worn out
nathan helped some
he did good
left to geg morecash
back to house
they leave abt 7
i pay
they leave
i hook up cable stuff
no dvd or snything
no internet yet. too tired
tv good
bath no shower curtain
nathan bath
eat other half of dinnerfinally
watch tv

ill type more with pix later. this will helpme remember.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

DAY TWO Before Move

Well today went much better!!!

It didn't quite start out that way though. After I dropped Nathan off at daycare, I headed up to the new house. I was about half-way there when I get a phone call from David Blair. He's the guy who was going to put up a privacy fence for me, as well as a few other little things. I was meeting him up at the new house to walk him through and get an estimate. I could have sworn he said 9am. Nope! He said 8am! Great! So, I'm on my way and I'm almost there and I see police lights. No, not behind some....in front of me! I had to detour. I hate detours, especially when I don't know where I'm going. Anyway, I got there fine and he wasn't upset!! I walked him through, we talked, and I got my quotes. VERY reasonable! YAY!

Once David left, I headed down the street to get some ice for my Coke Zero. You see, I STILL didn't have electricity!! Thankfully, it wasn't too unbearably hot out! I got power right around 2/2:30pm!!

I finished removing the wallpaper from the pantry. I plan to paint the walls, sides and bottom a dark brown either tomorrow or Saturday. I brought the shelves home today so I could apply the Contac paper. I need to scrape the dry bits off and the leftover goo as well.
On to PHASE I of Nathan's room!
I thought about NOT taping it off, but I don't have that steady a hand and I wanted it to look nice. So I taped it off. That's the part that took the longest! 
 The FIRST brush stroke!!
 PHASE II complete! I painted all around the edges, corners, and trim. On to the really fun part!!
 PHASE III complete!!! I love how this came out! A little darker than I had expected, but I love it nonetheless!! I can't wait to see how it ends up tomorrow when it's all dry!
 I went on to PHASE I of the living room, but forgot to take a pic, so here's PHASE II. I love this so far. I was going for more of a cream color, but ended up with a washed-out light tan-ish color. I still think it looks great!
I used the headband to help keep the sweat out of my eyes and it worked wonderfully!! I also tried to protect my hair from getting paint in it with the bandana.
 It didn't work!!  LOL!! But, truthfully.....I really like what happened to it! I wonder if I took this pic in to a salon if they could duplicate it somehow? 
Tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow is MOVING day!

Since I didn't have anyone to help me move and I really didn't want to do it myself, I broke down and went looking for movers. Of all places, I actually found a legit mover on Craig's List!! For a little more than renting just a U-Haul truck, I get a huge truck, all the moving fixin's, three guys who load/unload and I get to direct them where to put things!!!  YAY!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DAY ONE Before Move

What a (wasted) day!!
Yup. Wasted!

I dropped Nathan off at daycare this morning. Then I headed up to his new school and got him registered. YAY! That was probably the ONLY thing that went according to plan today!

After I stopped by CVS to pick up some Coke Zero, I went to the house. The garage door opener didn't work. Why? Because the power isn't on. Could I get them to come out today? Nope. Not a chance! No power = no A/C!! Thank goodness it wasn't too hot a day!! Mid to high 80's today with a very nice breeze. I made do with what I had.

So what DID I do, you ask? I started with the pantry thinking that it was all covered in Contac paper. Well, it wasn't!! It was covered in wallpaper!! Yeah! can we say near impossible to remove?? I removed what I could by pulling up edges and corners. This is what I was left with.

Doesn't look like I got too far, does it? It's cuz I didn't!! Here's a close up of the shelves!!

I plan to paint the back, bottom, and sides either a dark brown or black and put down some granite-looking Contac paper on the shelves. I also plan to paint the doors too, I just don't know what color just yet.

At this point, I turn my attention to the hall linen closet. Again, thinking it's Contac paper. Again, it was NOT!! So, after I don't know how long (but it was a long while and a lot of elbow grease) I did the pantry, but after (I am NOT lying) 10 minutes I am left with THIS in the linen closet.

Where's the wallpaper, you ask?? It's GONE! Every bit of it! in 10 minutes! I found this beautiful Pepto Bismol pink underneath. What the heck were they thinking???  YUCK!!

Needless to say, I plan to sand down a bit and stain these shelves. Painting or Contac paper just won't cut it this time around! The wood is too pretty with some pretty awesome lines!

I decided at this point (after a quick cleanup) to head over to WalMart to pick up some more paint for tomorrow and Friday as well as some wallpaper remover for that darn pantry.

Their credit/debit machines were down! Of course they were!! I ended up walking out with 3 cans of paint, a new shower head that's Nathan-friendly, and a few other things.

I then decided to get something to eat, but McDonald's was packed! So, I went to Arby's. They took FOREVER!! I finally made it back out to the main road and was heading back.
I got back and covered that pantry in that goo. I was getting excited now!! I needed to let it sit for 15-20 minutes, so I went and "installed" the new shower head. I went back to take off the wallpaper. 

What happened, you ask?? The goo dried!! UGH!!! I scraped off what I could.
So, how did I leave things, you ask??  Like this!!
SO, SO, SO unlike me to leave a mess.  But I was just so doggone tired at this point, I just wanted to go get Nathan and just chill the rest of the night.

Tomorrow's another day! Let's hope it goes better!!
I have a TON of painting to do and I BETTER have power!!!