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Monday, July 30, 2012



Tomorrow morning I'll get a copy of the paperwork the sellers signed a couple of hours after me. I'll get the rest of the keys, any codes needed, and home paperwork (receipts, etc.).

Wed - Fri I'm off work to paint, paint, and paint.
Sat I plan to move
Sun I will be cleaning this place up for my walk-thru.

After this is said and done....the fun begins!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


The last few days have been......oh gosh.....I don't even have the words!!
I'm going to need a vacation when this is all said and done!!

My loan has been approved as of 1:00 pm today!!

After a lot of back and forth, lots of knots in my stomach, and tons of anxiety.....
I have an official closing date/time!

Closing at 3:00 pm on Monday. The sellers will sign their part of the paperwork at 5:00 pm. Since they're signing so late, the title company won't be able to release the funds for the purchase until the following morning. I wont' have immediate possession, but Tami said that's how they have to do it. I guess it makes sense. They won't be able to put the paperwork into their system until the next business day.

So....Tuesday morning I will have a new home!!! 
Now, I need to make sure I call the utilities on Monday morning.
I asked to have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off so I can paint, clean, and prepare the house for moving in next weekend.

Next step??
Recruit help!
I'm gonna need at least two strong-ish guys to help lift the heavy stuff. That includes disassembling and reassembling Nathan's swingset. I also need someone to drive the U-Haul. I do NOT want to drive that thing for an hour on the highway! I plan to get the truck rented Friday evening, fill it as much as I can, sleep, and then Saturday have strong-ish people load the rest.


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Okay, so I *think* my closing is this Friday, but......I haven't heard anything official yet. When I look online to see what my loan status is, I see this:
So, I'm hoping they finish the loan process and everything is set to go. As of right now, they still show the closing date for this Thursday!

I'm not good at waiting!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Before and After-thoughts!

I used a quick online tool to kind of get a quick peek at how the colors we chose would work. Please keep in mind these are not the EXACT colors, but I will be happy to tell you what they are.

This would be Nathan's room as you walk into the room, this is the opposing corner. Now it's a baby blue color.
Nathan wanted Basketball Orange walls....Well, now we can't have the entire room be orange, but I did settle to two walls. Which two walls? The two walls with windows which will be covered with his Navy Blue curtains! I plan to use black electrical tape to make large "basketballs" on the walls.
This is the wall where the door is that you use to walk into his room. LOVE that dark wood!
This wall will come off the one orange wall and will continue to the other wall which will also be Navy Blue (like his curtains). 
This is the living room with a wood burning fireplace. Right now it has white beadboard with the dark trim. Ick!

I plan to use Mustard Yellow for the top part of the wall and a Cream color for the bottom part with a dark stained wood trim in the middle. What do I hope to use for the center trim? Well.....pallett wood of course....at least that's the plan. 

So the living room colors will run into the dining room which is just behind the living room. I don't know if the burgundy curtains will stay, but they do blend into the kitchen! And it's a really cool pop of color! 

So, feel free to chime in with your thoughts or ideas....i'm open to suggestions.....

Sunday, July 15, 2012


What would I love to have in my new home?
Well, let me show you!

I have always wanted a rod iron bistro set! This one is awesome! It's brown, not black!
 I'm sure somewhere I will need a corner shelf thing. What cooler one than something like this!
 Hat/Umbrella rack anyone? You can't really tell in the pic, but it's a very rustic/oldish looking one. Again, iron.
 Storage, anyone? This would be really cool for my unmentionables in my room. Although, I'm sure my scrap room could easily use it too!
 A matching set!
 Loving this! It has just one shelf inside, but sometimes, that's all you need!
 Okay, I absolutely must have this, or something similar. My deck out back is kind of odd (to me). The top part of the deck comes out, but the bottom part is kind of inset about 2-3 feet. I figure that would be the perfect spot for something like this!
 More tables and cabinets.
 A cool set of three multi-level tables. All of them? No. Just one will do!
 Nother cool table.
 I love this! The wire wrapped around is barbed wire. I don't have to have the star in the middle by the railroad ties and barbed wire are a must!
 I don't necessarily want this, I just thought it was a really cool idea!
 Don't know what to do with your old belts? Make a cross!
 Ok. It took everything I had not to snatch this up! I totally want this for my scrap room, but I know The Scrap Room has some awesome lines that I could use to create this myself!
 Same goes for this one!
 Okay, this is probably the coolest welcome sign yet!
 This looks like something my sister would create. After all, she DID make wind chimes using spoons!
 Okay. Between me and my sis....this can totally happen! An old door, cut to size and made into a table!!!  I totally and emphatically love this!
 Who doesn't like a spiral staircase? I don't really like the birds on it, but I like the rod iron in brown and I can put cute (rustic/old) deco pieces on there.
 Yes.  This chair does look a little modern-retro-chic. No. I don't want this chair. I have two perfectly good chairs that my dad found near a hotel dumpster. Okay, he found a ton of them. Anyway, I want to find some material similar to this design/color so I can reupholster the chairs....somehow.
 I just thought this was a neat idea.
 Do I need barstools? Probably not. But, if I do. I would love something like this. Now, I am NOT going to pay $100 for ONE, but I might for two. The cool thing about it is that you can raise/lower it to the height you need! Oh and I can totally stain the top too!
So, there's my Housewarming Wish List - well, kind of. I don't want everything. I don't even want some of it. I love the ideas and the ideas I get from it. That said, if anyone would like to make donations (as far as parts and pieces I could use to create any of these), I'm happy to accept after I move.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Consider it done!! My "Home Buyers Course", that is....
Okay, so....I've bought THREE houses in past years and the lender's loan program requires me to complete their "First Time Home Buyers" course. Not quite sure how that makes sense....but, whatever. I finished it!!
Ok, so the actual certificate has my name on it. I removed it on here for obvious reasons!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Well, papers were signed this afternoon!!

- selling price lowered by $10,000 -
- $1,000 less towards closing -
- no cash at table -
- fixing what was agreed upon -
- pushed close date up one more (7/27 - friday) -

So excited!! 
Now I just have to wait for the Mortgage Lender to tell me everything is done and the time and location for close!!

Can I wait?
Do you KNOW me?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Okay, so the appraisal from the bank came back and it as $10,000 LESS than the purchase agreement! Can we say, "Heart fell to the floor!" Yeah....I immediately texted my realtor to let her know the appraisal was on it's way. They purchased the house FOUR years ago for $14,000 more than the purchase agreement. So, that meant that in FOUR years the house dropped about $24,000 in value. Everyone I talked to thought this was ridiculous! All the updates and upgrades they've done----

So, after a very LONG 24 hours - this is what I got:
--Sellers agree to a purchase price for what the appraisal came back at
--sellers will pay $1,000 less than agreed upon towards my closing costs
--sellers will still fix what they previously agreed to fix
--sellers will not bring a cashier's check to the closing table (for me) for additional fixes

My realtor (and I) left a message for the mortgage lending agent. My message was pretty brief. I just said that the purchase price is dropped to the appraisal amount and she could continue to review my paperwork as the new purchase agreement would be in her email tomorrow morning. I'm not sure what my realtor said, but I'm sure it was something similar.

My realtor did say that she talked to the sellers' agent and let him know that as long as the bank approves it, I am in agreement with their offer. She wanted him to know what was going on and that I am all in.

Now, we have to wait for the mortgage lending agent to either call me or my realtor, probably tomorrow.

I don't see there being a problem since the lending agent said that the bank won't finance more than the appraisal and after down payment and closing costs, it will end up being less than the appraisal.

Please send prayers.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well, closing has been pushed back, again! Now, I'm set to close on 7/26, a Thursday. Since it's at month-end, I can't have a full day off. I will have the time I need off to go to close, but that's it. So, that Friday night I'll grab Nathan and prep the house for painting and hopefully strip/stain some trim. Saturday/Sunday I plan to paint, paint, paint. I will still have to work, more than likely, at my FT job and my PT job. That next Saturday I plan to move, move, move. Uhaul and all..... That Sunday I'll be cleaning this place including the carpet. Hopefully, I can get my walk-thru so I can complete my term here. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 2, 2012


So, they agreed to about half the stuff.....nothing too major or costly of course. They didn't offer to fix the radon detector or sump hole, but they are going to fix quite a few things.  I'm not complaining.

My realtor, Tami, suggested I go back and ask for the rest of it once more. Instead of offering to fix anything more, they just offered a cashier's check at closing. Ok.....I'll take that!

Now, it's just a matter of time.....a long, long, loooooong time until closing. I was initially supposed to close on July 13th, but the Mortgage Lender said that they should have the loan application approved on July 6th-ish and then 2w later would be closing. So, we're looking at July 20th. I have it planned to move on Sunday, July 22nd. I still don't have anyone with a definite yes to help. I hope I get at least one person to help. I work in an office with over 30 people.....surely SOMEONE knows someone who could help.

I really HATE waiting!!!!