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Monday, July 16, 2012


Before and After-thoughts!

I used a quick online tool to kind of get a quick peek at how the colors we chose would work. Please keep in mind these are not the EXACT colors, but I will be happy to tell you what they are.

This would be Nathan's room as you walk into the room, this is the opposing corner. Now it's a baby blue color.
Nathan wanted Basketball Orange walls....Well, now we can't have the entire room be orange, but I did settle to two walls. Which two walls? The two walls with windows which will be covered with his Navy Blue curtains! I plan to use black electrical tape to make large "basketballs" on the walls.
This is the wall where the door is that you use to walk into his room. LOVE that dark wood!
This wall will come off the one orange wall and will continue to the other wall which will also be Navy Blue (like his curtains). 
This is the living room with a wood burning fireplace. Right now it has white beadboard with the dark trim. Ick!

I plan to use Mustard Yellow for the top part of the wall and a Cream color for the bottom part with a dark stained wood trim in the middle. What do I hope to use for the center trim? Well.....pallett wood of course....at least that's the plan. 

So the living room colors will run into the dining room which is just behind the living room. I don't know if the burgundy curtains will stay, but they do blend into the kitchen! And it's a really cool pop of color! 

So, feel free to chime in with your thoughts or ideas....i'm open to suggestions.....

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