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Friday, July 27, 2012


The last few days have been......oh gosh.....I don't even have the words!!
I'm going to need a vacation when this is all said and done!!

My loan has been approved as of 1:00 pm today!!

After a lot of back and forth, lots of knots in my stomach, and tons of anxiety.....
I have an official closing date/time!

Closing at 3:00 pm on Monday. The sellers will sign their part of the paperwork at 5:00 pm. Since they're signing so late, the title company won't be able to release the funds for the purchase until the following morning. I wont' have immediate possession, but Tami said that's how they have to do it. I guess it makes sense. They won't be able to put the paperwork into their system until the next business day.

So....Tuesday morning I will have a new home!!! 
Now, I need to make sure I call the utilities on Monday morning.
I asked to have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off so I can paint, clean, and prepare the house for moving in next weekend.

Next step??
Recruit help!
I'm gonna need at least two strong-ish guys to help lift the heavy stuff. That includes disassembling and reassembling Nathan's swingset. I also need someone to drive the U-Haul. I do NOT want to drive that thing for an hour on the highway! I plan to get the truck rented Friday evening, fill it as much as I can, sleep, and then Saturday have strong-ish people load the rest.


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