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Sunday, July 15, 2012


What would I love to have in my new home?
Well, let me show you!

I have always wanted a rod iron bistro set! This one is awesome! It's brown, not black!
 I'm sure somewhere I will need a corner shelf thing. What cooler one than something like this!
 Hat/Umbrella rack anyone? You can't really tell in the pic, but it's a very rustic/oldish looking one. Again, iron.
 Storage, anyone? This would be really cool for my unmentionables in my room. Although, I'm sure my scrap room could easily use it too!
 A matching set!
 Loving this! It has just one shelf inside, but sometimes, that's all you need!
 Okay, I absolutely must have this, or something similar. My deck out back is kind of odd (to me). The top part of the deck comes out, but the bottom part is kind of inset about 2-3 feet. I figure that would be the perfect spot for something like this!
 More tables and cabinets.
 A cool set of three multi-level tables. All of them? No. Just one will do!
 Nother cool table.
 I love this! The wire wrapped around is barbed wire. I don't have to have the star in the middle by the railroad ties and barbed wire are a must!
 I don't necessarily want this, I just thought it was a really cool idea!
 Don't know what to do with your old belts? Make a cross!
 Ok. It took everything I had not to snatch this up! I totally want this for my scrap room, but I know The Scrap Room has some awesome lines that I could use to create this myself!
 Same goes for this one!
 Okay, this is probably the coolest welcome sign yet!
 This looks like something my sister would create. After all, she DID make wind chimes using spoons!
 Okay. Between me and my sis....this can totally happen! An old door, cut to size and made into a table!!!  I totally and emphatically love this!
 Who doesn't like a spiral staircase? I don't really like the birds on it, but I like the rod iron in brown and I can put cute (rustic/old) deco pieces on there.
 Yes.  This chair does look a little modern-retro-chic. No. I don't want this chair. I have two perfectly good chairs that my dad found near a hotel dumpster. Okay, he found a ton of them. Anyway, I want to find some material similar to this design/color so I can reupholster the chairs....somehow.
 I just thought this was a neat idea.
 Do I need barstools? Probably not. But, if I do. I would love something like this. Now, I am NOT going to pay $100 for ONE, but I might for two. The cool thing about it is that you can raise/lower it to the height you need! Oh and I can totally stain the top too!
So, there's my Housewarming Wish List - well, kind of. I don't want everything. I don't even want some of it. I love the ideas and the ideas I get from it. That said, if anyone would like to make donations (as far as parts and pieces I could use to create any of these), I'm happy to accept after I move.

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