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Thursday, August 2, 2012

DAY TWO Before Move

Well today went much better!!!

It didn't quite start out that way though. After I dropped Nathan off at daycare, I headed up to the new house. I was about half-way there when I get a phone call from David Blair. He's the guy who was going to put up a privacy fence for me, as well as a few other little things. I was meeting him up at the new house to walk him through and get an estimate. I could have sworn he said 9am. Nope! He said 8am! Great! So, I'm on my way and I'm almost there and I see police lights. No, not behind some....in front of me! I had to detour. I hate detours, especially when I don't know where I'm going. Anyway, I got there fine and he wasn't upset!! I walked him through, we talked, and I got my quotes. VERY reasonable! YAY!

Once David left, I headed down the street to get some ice for my Coke Zero. You see, I STILL didn't have electricity!! Thankfully, it wasn't too unbearably hot out! I got power right around 2/2:30pm!!

I finished removing the wallpaper from the pantry. I plan to paint the walls, sides and bottom a dark brown either tomorrow or Saturday. I brought the shelves home today so I could apply the Contac paper. I need to scrape the dry bits off and the leftover goo as well.
On to PHASE I of Nathan's room!
I thought about NOT taping it off, but I don't have that steady a hand and I wanted it to look nice. So I taped it off. That's the part that took the longest! 
 The FIRST brush stroke!!
 PHASE II complete! I painted all around the edges, corners, and trim. On to the really fun part!!
 PHASE III complete!!! I love how this came out! A little darker than I had expected, but I love it nonetheless!! I can't wait to see how it ends up tomorrow when it's all dry!
 I went on to PHASE I of the living room, but forgot to take a pic, so here's PHASE II. I love this so far. I was going for more of a cream color, but ended up with a washed-out light tan-ish color. I still think it looks great!
I used the headband to help keep the sweat out of my eyes and it worked wonderfully!! I also tried to protect my hair from getting paint in it with the bandana.
 It didn't work!!  LOL!! But, truthfully.....I really like what happened to it! I wonder if I took this pic in to a salon if they could duplicate it somehow? 
Tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow is MOVING day!

Since I didn't have anyone to help me move and I really didn't want to do it myself, I broke down and went looking for movers. Of all places, I actually found a legit mover on Craig's List!! For a little more than renting just a U-Haul truck, I get a huge truck, all the moving fixin's, three guys who load/unload and I get to direct them where to put things!!!  YAY!

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