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Saturday, August 4, 2012

DAY ONE - Unpacking ??

Again you're getting high points because I'm exhausted and just wanna sit and relax before bed.

went to bed at 9pm last night
up at 11pm (tossing/turning)
up at 115am (same)
stayed up and watched hairspray x2h
back in bed 315am
up at 635am
sat with nathan for a bit until i got going, still tired
started painting living room
mom/dad show up 130pm w/pizza/coke zero
get tour and i give my ideas
eat pizza from rozelli's
mom unpacks and put away my/nathns clothes
boxes in middle of room
i start painting pantry
nathan paints part of pantry
mom/dad/nathan leave
nathan to stay night so i can go, go, go
dad tells me to go to bed early
can't - *I'm* only one to do stuff.....i HAVE to
finish setting up cable/internet
had wrong box on wrong tv - that's why no dvr - DUH
did second coat of mustard in living room
second coat in pantry
DONE for the day
eat last two pieces of pizza and a coke zero
watch tv
pray i sleep better tonight
plan to take ibuprofen before bed!

I'll elaborate later and add some pix too.
too tired again!

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