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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DAY ONE Before Move

What a (wasted) day!!
Yup. Wasted!

I dropped Nathan off at daycare this morning. Then I headed up to his new school and got him registered. YAY! That was probably the ONLY thing that went according to plan today!

After I stopped by CVS to pick up some Coke Zero, I went to the house. The garage door opener didn't work. Why? Because the power isn't on. Could I get them to come out today? Nope. Not a chance! No power = no A/C!! Thank goodness it wasn't too hot a day!! Mid to high 80's today with a very nice breeze. I made do with what I had.

So what DID I do, you ask? I started with the pantry thinking that it was all covered in Contac paper. Well, it wasn't!! It was covered in wallpaper!! Yeah! can we say near impossible to remove?? I removed what I could by pulling up edges and corners. This is what I was left with.

Doesn't look like I got too far, does it? It's cuz I didn't!! Here's a close up of the shelves!!

I plan to paint the back, bottom, and sides either a dark brown or black and put down some granite-looking Contac paper on the shelves. I also plan to paint the doors too, I just don't know what color just yet.

At this point, I turn my attention to the hall linen closet. Again, thinking it's Contac paper. Again, it was NOT!! So, after I don't know how long (but it was a long while and a lot of elbow grease) I did the pantry, but after (I am NOT lying) 10 minutes I am left with THIS in the linen closet.

Where's the wallpaper, you ask?? It's GONE! Every bit of it! in 10 minutes! I found this beautiful Pepto Bismol pink underneath. What the heck were they thinking???  YUCK!!

Needless to say, I plan to sand down a bit and stain these shelves. Painting or Contac paper just won't cut it this time around! The wood is too pretty with some pretty awesome lines!

I decided at this point (after a quick cleanup) to head over to WalMart to pick up some more paint for tomorrow and Friday as well as some wallpaper remover for that darn pantry.

Their credit/debit machines were down! Of course they were!! I ended up walking out with 3 cans of paint, a new shower head that's Nathan-friendly, and a few other things.

I then decided to get something to eat, but McDonald's was packed! So, I went to Arby's. They took FOREVER!! I finally made it back out to the main road and was heading back.
I got back and covered that pantry in that goo. I was getting excited now!! I needed to let it sit for 15-20 minutes, so I went and "installed" the new shower head. I went back to take off the wallpaper. 

What happened, you ask?? The goo dried!! UGH!!! I scraped off what I could.
So, how did I leave things, you ask??  Like this!!
SO, SO, SO unlike me to leave a mess.  But I was just so doggone tired at this point, I just wanted to go get Nathan and just chill the rest of the night.

Tomorrow's another day! Let's hope it goes better!!
I have a TON of painting to do and I BETTER have power!!!

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