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Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3 the big move

im too tired to go into details right now so will give u the high points. 

woke up 6
david cAme630 to takeapart swingset
gave him key to house
took nathan to daycare
dumpster boxes
wm for few things
home to fill boxes with leftovers
finally sat down for 2h befire movers came at 115
finished 315
filled 24' truck!
pick up nathan
drive to new house
met dave there
finished sump pump and swingset
pd him. he left
movers arrive.
unload truck
i try to help bug too worn out
nathan helped some
he did good
left to geg morecash
back to house
they leave abt 7
i pay
they leave
i hook up cable stuff
no dvd or snything
no internet yet. too tired
tv good
bath no shower curtain
nathan bath
eat other half of dinnerfinally
watch tv

ill type more with pix later. this will helpme remember.

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