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Thursday, January 22, 2009

HYWWP Meetup in TEXAS!!

Ok, ladies. Up for some current info on this upcoming trip?

June 4-6, 2009
Arlington, TX

I've got some great links about the Drury Inn Hotel for you to check out!

Basic Info
What's Included?
Special Deals
Drury Deals
Surrounding Area, including restaurants
Map & Directions
Make Reservations

Don't forget, we will also be attending the Great American Scrapbook Convention. After all, that's one of the reasons for this trip!

We will all arrive on Friday, June 4th. Most of us will probably arrive by mid-afternoon. We will all meet up at the Drury Inn where we will check-in, go to our rooms, unpack whatever and fight over who gets what bed. Then, we'll probably meet in the lobby bar for our 3 complimentary alcoholic drinks. Afterwards, we'll head up to the suite (which I will be bunking in with Roe and Jenn) and enjoy our complimentary popcorn and sodas while eating some awesome pizza!!!

Saturday, June 5th, we will all meet up in the hotel Dining Room for a FULL breakfast, southern style!! Complete with hash browns, eggs, bacon, pancakes and much, much more!!! From there, we will head over to the Convention where we will all split up into groups or individuals and shop, shop, shop. At lunchtime, we will all eat together there and share what we have purchased and what great deals we found and where. Then, per Trisha's suggestion, we will watch this guy peel a banana ever so slowly as he prepares our smoothies. We will, then, continue with our shopping until we are all done or the convention closes. We will finish off the day with 3 more complimentary alcoholic drinks, popcorn and sodas as we head to our suite for a slumber party where we will share all our new goodies and laugh, giggle and relive our younger days as we get into pillow fights and freeze other's undies and.....oh, hold on.....sorry.

Sunday, June 6th, we will meet up in the hotel Dining Room again for our last full breakfast and fill up for the way home. Somewhere that afternoon, either before or just after lunch, we will all break and head home.

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