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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HYWWP Novermber '09 Newsletter

November Happenings!!
November? Already? That can only mean one thing... the holidays are just around the corner! (eek!)

November is laced with trees in full autumn color, thankful families gathering around the table to celebrate their blessings, children bundled in warm sweaters, holiday bizarres, cornucopias, Black Friday adventures... the list could go on and on!

Aside from the obvious blessings such as family, friends and health, I encourage you to step outside yourself and evaluate where you are. What are you the most thankful for at this time in your life? What has changed in your life since last November when you last declared your list? Document it. Are you having the same traditional Thanksgiving buffet dinner or are you going to try something new? Write it down. Big or small, November is bursting with wonderful photographing and scrapbooking opportunities! How will you embrace yours?

Submitted by Wendi (Punkin)
Turkey Day Photo Tips

Here are some photo tips to make you want to develop those Turkey Day photos on Thanksgiving evening!

1.Don't be afraid to pose your subjects. You will NOT regret it after seeing the photos!

2.Be above eye level! Get those cups, glasses, dishes, bottles, out of the main focus.

3.What a wonderful time to get those generation photos when you have the whole family together.

4.Classic Dinner Table Photo (remember take from above and don't get anyone eating!) Ahhh...smiling faces getting ready to dive in. That's how you remember this day so get a shot of it! Just remember to NOT get people eating. NO ONE looks good eating. :)

5.The Turkey Carving - screams Thanksgiving and you can spotlight the special person carving.

6.Table settings and centerpieces. Memories come flooding back once we see these familiar decorations.

7.Home Sweet Home. Take a picture of the outside of the home where Thanksgiving is hosted - preferably with some family members!

8.Get in the kitchen. Get some prep shots of the food. Does Grandma always do the mashed potatoes? Get a shot of her with the mixer. Does Aunt Sue make some mean sweet pototoes? Get a pic of that. And, over coffee and pie, get the recipes and tuck those away to put in your scrapbooks as well.

9.While the kitchen is hopping with dinner preparations,what does the rest of the family do? Watch football, play football, play card games, geek at the parade? Snap, snap!

1.Last, but defintely not least......Turn over the camera and get in some pictures yourself!
Submitted by Erin Bailey (aunt e)

Sponsor of the Month
Jillibean Soup
From the Jillibean Soup website: So why do you scrap? I’ve asked myself this question several times and my only explanation is that I love it. I’m completely obsessed. Not only is it a creative outlet but it gives me great joy when I’m crafting. Also, I get to buy some oh-so very cute, yummy, scrumptious papers and embellishments. Yes, I’m a collector of scrapbook stuff. Plain and simple, I have way too much and keep buying more. Like you, I LOVE this hobby. I’ve never had so much passion for anything in my life – with the exception of my family.

After numerous discussions with my hubby, lots of research and lots of prayer, I decided I had the guts and gusto to try out my own line of scrapbooking materials. With the recent return of kraft paper into the craft industry I decided that my first line would be designed and printed on kraft paper and I love it. It’s different, it’s fun, and it can be used for all types of paper crafting! It was difficult to find kraft paper that is acid free and lignin free in a folio size, so we custom manufactured our kraft paper – it’s one of a kind and it’s made from 100% recycled stock.

So why “Jillibean Soup”? “Jillibean” was a nickname that a childhood neighbor called me. “Soup” just sounded good with Jillibean. It has allowed me to do some creative naming of products, packaging, and original marketing.

Jillibean Soup products are manufactured with close attention to color, detail and design. Jillibean Soup offers you fresh, innovative products of the best quality. We pride ourselves in finding the best ingredients and creating fun designs you can use forever. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Jill Yegerlehner, founder and owner of Jillibean Soup

Check out the message board and gallery to see what our Design Team creates with the wonderful Jillibean Soup products!

November Spotlight Member!

"Getting to Know" Elaine Lucas!!!
What is your middle name? Elaine, my first name is Deborah in case anyone would like to know.:)

What do you consider your best accomplishments to this day? Raising my 2 children, they are both amazing young adults now and I am so proud of them.

When do you scrap the most? Mornings and weekends.

Do you prefer to scrap alone or with others? Alone - because I get more done but I do like to scrap with others occasionally.

What is your favorite food indulgence? Ice cream, my favorite is Blue Bunny - Bunny Tracks.

Who is someone you admire? My sister. She has been my life mentor and my spiritual mentor, she has been through so many trials and is still going through many trials and I have watched her and learned from her my whole life. In spite of all her trials she continues to pour herself out to others and no matter how tough it gets she just pulls up her boot straps and keeps on going. She has taught me alot about giving and faith and so much more.

What scrapbookers do you find talented and more fitted to your style? Stacy Julian & Becky Higgins, both have simple style and they get alot of photos on a LO.

Describe your scrap space in 3 words: organized, small, clean. I have to keep it this way because it is located in the guest bedroom right off my kitchen.

What is on your to-do list? Short term I need to get my grandkids albums updated, do more work on my kids albums and start an album of my husband and a heritage album for his side of the family.

What is your favorite scrap store? Scrapbook Heaven in San Antonio.

What is your favorite scrap line? That's a tie - Bo Bunny/My Minds Eye.

What do you check out first when you come to HYWWP? I always go to the view posts since last visit - don't want to miss anything!

What are your favorite TV shows? Grey's Anatomy & LOST

What are your Top 5 Favorite movies? Where The Heart Is, Fried Green Tomatoes, You've Got Mail, The Notebook, Uncle Buck.

What are your Top 5 favorite books? The Bible, Where The Heart Is, Open House, The Year of Pleasures, The Rapture of Canaan.

Describe your fashion style. Casual, most of the time it's jeans & a top of some kind and flip-flops.

What is your favorite chore? Making my bed, it's quick, easy and I have pretty bedding so I enjoy it all made up.

What is your least favorite chore? Ironing.
NEW feature at HYWWP! Guest Design Team Member!

Guest Designer for October, November, & December is.....CHELSEA LANGWORTHY!
That's right! We have a fun new feature at HYWWP! For 3-month terms, we will be searching for new Guest Design Team Members! Our guest DT members will receive products each month during their term and will be required to make a least 2 creations a month with those products. Guest DT members will be required to be active in our forums and in our gallery. In future months, we will be holding a contest or a call for our next Guest DT member! We would love to see what you have to offer, so get those layouts and projects ready!

For October through December, Chelsea will be our Guest DT member! Chelsea is sure to inspire you all with her adorable layouts and projects.

If you are interested in being a future Guest DT Member, please join the message board today and start posting. Participation is a key factor in our decision in choosing a Guest DT!
Ongoing Challenges for November!

There's always something fun happening at our message board! Chatty contests, RAK giveaways, and more! Come on over to the message board and check out the ongoing list of challenges: Click Here
November Gallery Inspiration

"Family Oct 08" by Ashley

"Harvest of Blessings" by Chelsea

"Perfect Punkin" by Josie

"Class Trip" by Krissy

Sketch of the Month
This month's sketch is brought to you by one of our very talented members, Trisha! Trisha has shared some awesome sketches with us that she has created, and here is one she wanted to share for this month.

We'd love to see your creations based on this sketch...please upload to our gallery or on the message board to show us what you've done. Enjoy!
Using Scraps for an Altered Project
Before the end of this newsletter, we want to show you one more fun Fall themed project made by Trisha! She made this Donations Box for her church's pumpkin patch during October. This was made with leftover supplies...what a perfect way to use up those scraps! Try it out and see what you can make from your scraps and leftovers!
Don't forget to check out our online gallery for lots of inspiration and great projects!

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