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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Over The Rainbow Blog Hop

Welcome to the Over the Rainbow blog hop! The hop will end on Thursday, March 17th.

One of the things scrappers love most is COLOR! During this journey you'll encounter all seven colors of the rainbow and some of our favorite things about those colors. In order to play along all you need to do is leave a comment on each blog saying what you love about the color featured on each blog. You can even just tell us your favorite thing (scrappy or not) that is that color! Once you reach the pot of gold, post ROY G. BIV!! and you're done and ready to start cropping with us!

Hi! thanks for visiting my blog!
I am featuring the color GREEN.
Here are a few of my favorite green things!

MONEY - duh!
GRASS - I love to look out my window and see green grass growing everywhere.
SPINACH - ONLY if it's IN something or part of a salad. Canned spinach is nasty.
M&M's - only because, after you get past that green candy shell there's chocolate!
CUCUMBERS - I really just like the center of cucumber slices, but still.
NORTHWEST HS - green/white were our school colors
KERMIT - i love me some Kermy!

Next stop on the rainbow is BLUE
over at Rita's Blog! Have fun!
OH! and if you started in the middle of
the rainbow we started here: RED - Jenny

This is the order of the hop:
Jenny - Red
erin - Orange
Trisha - Yellow
Paula - Green
Rita - Blue
Stacy - Indigo
Krissy - Violet
Lisa - Direct to HYWWP

As an extra added bonus, I thought I'd throw in a little prize for ONE lucky hopper!
One hopper will get four double sided Basic Grey papers from the "Wander" line as well as a while sheet of embellies (which we all know, can be difficult to acquire sometimes).


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Fun hop! Green has been and always will be my favorite color! abusybee24atcoxdotnet

erin said...

Green is my favorite color!

Money is good. lol!
I tend to wear a lot of green as well. :)

Generous prize, Paula! Good luck to the participants!

Robin said...

Green makes me think of my favorite football team .. the Green Bay Packers!
I also like green grass, and I have to say money to me is work (I'm the vault teller at a bank) so I'm not going with that one :)

Stacy said...

Money is definitely a fave, esp. for some scrappy shopping! Green grass is another sight I like to see, and the smell of fresh cut grass is awesome in the summer! Great prize!

Rita said...

I love all of the fresh veggies that the color green brings, yummm!

Laurie! said...

Green reminds me of spring and that is my favorite season!! Of course, I agree with you that money is also a favorite green thing. :)

Trisha said...

Great prize Paula! I love green, it's one of my favorite colors:) I guess my mostest favoritest green thing would be my daughters beautiful green eyes:)

Suzy said...

I love green grass, OLIVES, and of course my cricut which has a green logo ;) Thanks for the chance to win! I love BG!!

lisa said...

Mmmmmm, soft green early summer grass and my bare feet in it!!

giatocj said...

My favorite thing about green is that it is the color of spring!! I love it.

Wendy Crowe said...

I can't wait to see some green grass! I"m sick of snow! And money and M&M's....perfect combination! :)

Jacqui M said...

Just love the smell of fresh mowed grass, a lucky 4 leafed clover would be nice to fine too. When I was a kid Kermit the frog was my favorite, he's still kinda cute now :O)

sillypea said...

Grass - thick and rich in the summertime. Best carpet in the world.

KW said...

Green is the color of the local team-GO IRISH-so I am a huge fan of green.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about money being your favorite green made me LOL. :)
I love my green car! I call him Kermit.

Michelle said...

Green.... the green grass all around.... I'm looking for grass stains on pants (ball pants and football pants too!)I miss them!

Kari said...

Green makes me think of spring when all the grass and the leaves on the trees sprout out. I also think my daughter looks good in green. hmm...well how about St. Patrick's day and shamrock shakes at McD's?

Kari said...

Green makes me think of spring when all the grass and the leaves on the trees sprout out. I also think my daughter looks good in green. hmm...well how about St. Patrick's day and shamrock shakes at McD's?

evelyn said...

green is the color of my high school.. and we have a lot of kids stilling wearing the green and white proudly

Jennifer Moore said...

Green is my favorite color! My eyes are green. Our high school colors are green & white. :)

Lynn Anne and Ian Cutler said...

Green reminds me of my mom. Her fav color was green and even thoug we were not Irish, her fav holiday was St. Patty's day because her fav meal was Corned Beef and cabbage.

I also love broccoli which is green. Plus wish I had more of it, but I do love having green in my wallet.

Patricia said...

Green.... makes me remember forest... plants... money and my friend Christine that loves greeennnnnn! ")

VickieW♥ said...

When I think of Green I think of my little sister... She loves the color green, she has these obnoxious green boots that she wears.
Pistacios. yum

Annette said...

Green is truly the color of the Irish countryside - such a beautiful country!! I love my St. Pat's decorations and my real, green Christmas tree that always smells so great!!