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Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 2009 HYWWP 1st Annual Get Together

June 4-6, 2009
Arlington, Texas
Great American Scrapbook Convention

AIRPORT:Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airport is said the be the easiest and quickest. Jenny said it is only 10 minutes from the hotel we were looking at (Drury Inn) and just minutes away from the Convention center. The Convention is only $9 for the day - I believe - something close to that anyway.

ACCOMODATIONS:If we chose to stay at this hotel (THE DRURY INN) we would have
*a free hot breakfast - It's really good
*free dinner each night - We only stayed one night, but we had pizza (hand made good stuff), baked potatoes with the fixings, salad, dessert, drinks - cokes, tea, coffee, whatever you wanted.
*3 complimentary drinks during happy hour - you can take them to your room.
*free internet
*free LONG DISTANCE CALLS FROM YOUR ROOM up to an hour a day!
*access to a computer/internet

Anyway, it seems like a good choice to me with the free food - we won't have to worry about anything but lunch as an expense.
I THINK the hotel runs about $100 a night I THINK...but I will look more into that and come up with a close figure...I think I can find some coupons to cut down on that.
I really can't find a house that is more convenient or accommodating, but we have time and I'm up for suggestions:)


1 comment:

Ishadow said...

boy that is a mouthful!! and no southern breakfast is complete with out GRITS!! and i'm not talking girls raised in the south!! lol