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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Small Change/Addition to My Blog

As you all know, this site has been mainly directed towards helpful information for fellow scrappers. I will continue to post any and all information I come across. I do not plan on taking anyting away, but I would like to make a small addition or two.

I am currently a member of the Have Your Way With Paper family. There are several challenges which go on every month. I always try me best to complete those challenges; for no other reason than for the challenge itself. So, with that being said, I have decided I will post my individual creations here along with some notes to accompany that project (products used, techniques, photo altering, the story behind it, etc....)

I also intend to add a challenge or two of my own every month here on this site. I will also continue to post 1-2 sketches for you to work on every month.

Also, feel free to visit the other two blogs, 101 Ways To Scrap and Scrapbooking Storage Solutions, as I will try to keep those updated as often as possible as well.

I want to keep my readers happy and interested and to do that, I need to be around more and occasionally make some changes. I promise I will try.

As always, if you have your own suggestions as to what you like to see here, just send me an email. My email link is off to the right under "Basic Info."

Thanks for sticking around and show me some of that wonderful creativity I know you all have!

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