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Friday, June 1, 2012

2 - Green Acre (6-1-12)

I just thought of something really cool!  When I was single, no kids or anything, I would buy myself something for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and my Birthday! Usually something like a computer, emerald ring, etc.  I haven't done that in a long while.  I guess this time around I'm buying myself a house for my 37th Birthday!!  Woo-Hoo!!!

Okay, so what did I do today?  Since Nathan got pink eye in the other eye (insert eye roll), I was home again. I slept until around 9am.  Got up and started working on some transcription work.  I finished my 23 minute interview and then did a little exercising with Nathan. That was a lot of fun, but I realized just how out of shape I am! We left the house for a bit to pick up lunch at McDonald's. On the way, we passed a house with "trash" on the curb. I now have a nice micro-seude recliner/rocker!! YAY!! So after we picked up lunch we headed for some boxes. Just a little dumpster diving! I thought Kroger would have some great boxes again, but all they had was one measly little milk crate. I took it. There was a dumpster for cardboard recycling full of broken down boxes and another dumpster full of liquor boxes! Mother load baby!!!  This would make three full trunkfulls of broken down boxes!

I packed up the little bits left in Nathan's room and put them in the garage. Then on to the really fun stuff! I cleaned the walls of his closet and bedroom. I couldn't get behind his dresser just yet, but I did get the baseboard cleaned up as well as the window sill. Then I moved on to the entry way walls, trim, and baseboards.  What was even more fun? The garage door! NOT!

So, is it totally perfect? No, of course not. The only thing I want to do when I leave this place, is vaccuum and clean the carpet.  Maybe a little spot cleaning on the walls and stuff, but not much. If I do a little at a time (in the next 4 weeks), it should make it much easier later. I hope.

Anyway, taking a little ice cream break. I'm hot and sweaty - even though it's a bit chilly outside!


After my awesome ice-cream break, I ended up taking a nap. Boy was I ever T-I-R-E-D!
I actually ended up doing a little touch up painting in Nathan and my bathrooms. Scraped off a little oopsie paint from before and wha-la! A perty nice bathroom! I still have to go back and clean the floors, but I'll do that later. There were a couple holes that need some fixing though. Paint can't even cover it up. Yeah, they're that big! So I gotta get me a little container of spackle so I can fix it. The paint for the bathrooms isn't a paint that my landlord has. It's mine. So, I need to fix it and spot paint. Shouldn't be too hard. I've done it before.

After that was all said and done.....DONE!!

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