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Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 - Green Acre (6-2-12)

Today was fun. Actually, more like gross! After we got up, we went to "Little Work" (that's what Nathan calls it). The Surgery Center is where I used to work FT. Anyway, we were there from about 8:15 am until around 2:30 pm. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home and then Dollar General. Nathan decided he wanted to buy a bow and arrow (the ones with the suction cups on the end) for $2.14 of his own money. It turned out to be a great buy!!

We get home and while he's playing with his new purchase outside, I'm inside vaccuuming his room and little hallway. While he's still outside with that thing, I move on to carpet. I plan to rent a GOOD carpet cleaner later, but I want to clean up as much as I can now so the carpet will be nice and clean when I leave. After all, I really want my deposit back! Once I'm done with his room, though, he decides he's done playing outside, strips down to his undies, and proceeds to "fall" on the wet carpet...a lot! What a goober!

Okay, so I'm about to share some pictures that I'm REALLY embarassed to show. A sampling of what NOT cleaning your carpets regularly can end up like. This is what can happen to your carpet when you have two dogs and a child. Of course, only spot cleaning them every 3 months or so doesn't help either.

These are in the little entry way.
This one is right in front of the garage door, where we normally come in.
This one is by the front door, where aparently, the dogs like to pee!
And these still aren't clean clean, either. It's a good start though, I think.

Take a little advice....Invest in a GOOD carpet cleaner with scrubbing brushes. You will be glad you did and after the first use, you will want to clean them all the time!
This just made me gag!

We decided to take a break and watch a couple episodes of "The Universe" which was very interesting. After that, we went to see "Men In Black 3" at the movie theater which was a good movie. We both actually cried towards the end. Back home and he's in bed and I soon will be.

Tomorrow is another day!

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