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Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 - Green Acre (6-3-12)

Today? Hmmmm....  Well.... 

Not much went on in preparing for the "Big Move."  I was actually able to sleep until about 8:00 am.  That was really nice.  I got up, showered, had Nathan take a bath, worked on some transcription, then went to see if the curbside doors were still available (free through craig's list), on to Big Lots in Avon to cancel my price hold on a couch that will end up being way too small for the ginormous living room we're going to have, and finally home.

I tried typing my Spanish interview while Nathan played outside on the cheap-o Slip-n-Slide, but man oh man, this one's hard for so many reasons. I wanted to be outside with Nathan, but couldn't because I need to finish this thing. With 20 minutes left to type up....I stopped.

So a quick On-Demand movie, dinner, then bed!!

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