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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, the inspection went pretty good. There are a few things that I would prefer be fixed before I move in, but not enough to cause me to withdraw my offer!

Okay, okay....on to the pictures!


Loving all the upates here! I do have to get used to the bottom freezer. It seems much smaller than your normal freezer though. But, I guess that's what separate freezers are for!

Love how it looks into the dining area. I think they added on the living room and dining area. Looks great don't it?

This is the pantry!! Absolutely love it! It's cereal-box deep. Perfect!! I hate how pantries nowadays are arm-length deep. It makes no sense to me. This makes perfect sense!

That weird contact paper will be getting removed one way or another. I haven't yet decided if I want to sand and stain the wood in there, paint it, or apply a better looking contact paper.

It all depends on what I see under that contact paper and that's always a scary thought! You have to wonder, "What were they trying to hide?"


 Loving the built-ins here! The cabinets on the bottom have pull-outs! Top cabinets are perfect for my good china and the lower is great storage for movies and video game stuff!

 I love these original windows! The shades are too cool! They should stay....

 WOW! Not a lot of ceiling fans have such a cool light cover! This is cool!

I really like the transition from the kitchen to the dining area to the living room! Very good flow! Now, hoping my 6-seater table fits in there!


The tub is awesome!!! It's short, well it's lower
than your normal bathtub. Also, it has a slanted back end. When I laid in it, I could stretch my legs straight out!!!

Have you ever seen a hexagon style sink??
Me either! I think it's so awesome!

What is this, you ask??  I'l tell you.... It's a LAUNDRY CHUTE!!!  How flipping awesome!!

 This is in the hallway before you reach the bathroom. It's built into the wall! It's the linen closet! Again, the contact paper has got to go! And again, I don't know if I will stain, paint, or recontact paper it. Can't wait to see what I find!


This is the outdoor patio above the garage enclosed with screens. It needs some work with the tile floor. Seems like they just slapped some glue on top of the drywall of the top of the garage and stuck the tile down. I also need to create some drainage finctions.
 This is what the patio looks over. It's the end of the driveway. The middle of those white thingies is a basketball hoop. So, the one I got Nathan for his birthday can be sold on Craig's List now for a little extra house fixing money.
 Fire pit!!!  It's nestled in a little patch of decorated land and a little bench to boot!
 At the bottom, you see the retaining wall for the fire pit. The rest is the rest of the back yard.
 Our nice new deck overlooking the backyard.
 Pretty? I like it.
 Looking down off the deck. To the right is the fire pit.
 How cute is this?? These are just simply some cut tree stumps. They can easily be moved to anywhere in the yard! Like the fire pit, maybe?
 They did some really nice landscaping all the way around! I like that it's practically effortless to keep up.


This, I think, was the original living room. Now, it's the formal living room (AKA a huge foyer). I want that wall decor!
 This will be Nathan's room. Look at those doors! Yes, that's a light blue. Yes, I'm painting. Two walls will be basketball orange and made to look kind of like a basketball. Navy blue curtains will be hung on these walls. The other two walls will be navy blue.
 This will be my room. I was going to paint, but I think I'm going to leave it as is for a while and see if it works for me.


This is the entry to the basement. There's two huge shelves overhead. The door(s) open double!
 Basement "rec-room". Simple yet functional!
 This is what was the original garage. Now, it's a workshop or storage. I'm thinking this would be a perfect place to do home repairs!  And a wonderful SAFE ROOM! It still has the original garage door!
 The opening is the original garage door. The rest you see is the two-car garage. HUGE space and perfect for Nathan to ride his bike in in the winter.
 Basement showers look like this, right?? Well, I plan to build up a wall between the shower part and the toilet and then tile. I'd like to put up a wall of some kind for privacy when going potty. I will also need to move the vanity somewhere.

So, that's the quick version! I don't know how many more pix I will have until I sign the papers and the house is officially mine to make payments on.

Lots of plans for when that happens. Stay tuned to follow along!

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Rosemary said...

Oh Paula, I love it!..The best to you and keep sharing photos!