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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ABC's Of Me - Letter B

BOYS – I don’t know exactly why, but I have always seemed to get along much better with boys than with girls. All throughout high school, most of my friends were guys. It really made high school quite fun! Now, I’ not gonna say that they were “just friends” even though they technically were. Almost all the guys I was friends with and hung out with either I had a crush on them or they on me. I Never dated any of them during high school though. Go figure!

BAYLEE – I loved him so very much! I had Baylee Levis from 8 weeks of age until about 7.5 years. He was a black lab/Rhodesian mix. He was absolutely stunning!! He was so smart and so strong; much stronger than he thought. He loved chewing on wiring. He also loved to prove how well he protected our home. There were several times I would find some kind of dead bird on the back porch. One time, I even saw him snatch a bird right out of mid-air!! He would sleep on the pillow next to me in bed. If I woke up before he did, he would quickly pop up and stare at the window. He would make it look like he had been keeping a vigil all night long. He was my best bud!

BAMBI – Our very first family dog! She was the sweetest little thing.
She was about 14 pounds and we had her for 11 wonderful years! My sister, Trish, found her on the street one day and brought her to my mom. Mom fell in love with her immediately and couldn’t help but keep her. She was so thin and fragile, she looked like Bambi from the Disney movie. When my little nephew, Jeremy, saw her for the first time, he pointed to her and said, “Bambi.” She was my best friend and confidante. No matter how much Dad said he couldn’t stand her, he loved her so much! When his father died, she jumped right up on his lap and all he did was pet and snuggle her.

BIG BAND – One of my favorite things to listen to. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, you name it! All kinds of Crooners! I think this is why I like Harry Connick Jr. so much! He has the same big band style of singing and music! It’s so very soothing and romantic and loving. It puts me at ease and leaves me with a wonderful sense of a better and simpler time – it leaves me with a sense of peace.

BIRDS CHIRPING – Yet one more thing that puts me at peace! If I wake up hearing the birds chirping outside, I know I’m going to have a great day! I wake up with a smile on my face. This is not an easy thing for someone who is so not a morning person! This is exactly why I need to move to a place that has birds chirping 99% of the mornings! I think my favorite chirp is the “Figaro” bird. My Abuelo Miguel pointed this little guy out to me when I was little. This little guy sings “Figaro, Figaro, Figaro” if you listen closely.

BLUE – This is my absolute most favorite color in the world! Ever since I can remember, blue has always been my favorite color, even when I didn’t realize it. Let me just give you a little insight. Some of my favorite things - Smurfs, Grover, Cookie Monster, half my closet …all blue things. I tried to say that my favorite color was red at one point, but it never took. I always came back to blue. There are several different shades of blue and, with the exception of powder blue, I like almost all of them. My favorite shade though, is electric blue-pepsi can blue-colts blue.

BROAD RIPPLE – My old stomping ground in my early 20’s. I drank and danced from like 10pm until 3am. Everyone knew me by name. Everyone loved me. My nickname was “Lush” (no, not too proud of that one!). Oh, did I mention I had class or work the next morning at 7am?? Yeah! Not a pretty picture. Not a smart move! Never again!