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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Happy Blog Hop

I'd like to thank you for hopping over to my blog. By joining in this blog hop, sponsored by Have Your Way With Paper, you will have the opportunity to win several different scrappy prizes! All you have to do is post your answer to a simple question on each blog and you will be entered into a drawing. Entries will be taken until Sunday, 12:00 midnight. Be sure to check beck Monday morning to see who the lucky person is who won! Could be YOU!

Here's what you coudl win!
(Grey velvet Thickers, Heidi Swapp foam stamps, Making Memories black and white 5x7 mat stack, Miss Elizabeth's chipboard letter)

Here's my question for you:
Name 3 things about Summer that make you happy.

Post your answer here and hop on over to Krissy's blog for a chance to win another cool scrappy prize! If you didn't start at the beginning, visit Trisha's Blog.

Don't forget to poke around all these great blogs for some wonderful information, great links, upcoming events, sneak peeks and so much more. Each gal has something different to offer. So, don't forget to check it all out. You never know what you will find!

Want more chances to win this prize?
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Be sure to post here that you are following me and and if you have linked me to your site (be sure to include your link).
That's THREE chances to win this scrappy prize!!!

Better get to hopping!


Jennifer Moore said...

1. No school/relaxed schedule
2. Lots of outdoor time as a family
3. Hubby gets Saturdays off during the summer! :)

lisa808 said...

Three things about summer that make me happy are:

1. Long daylight hours
2. Walking along the beach
3. Enjoying my brother's pool

Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

Susan said...

1. Definitly NO SCHOOL ( I'm a teacher with children)
2. spending time at our camp
3. homemade ice cream

lisa808 said...

I think I forgot to mention in my post that I'm a follower!

Jennifer said...

1. Summer vacations with the family
2. Ice Cream on a hot day
3. Sunscreen- this white girl needs it!

ChelseaL said...

1. More time to read

2. Visiting Northern Michigan

3. Swimming outside

ChelseaL said...
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Rita said...

1.The beauty of blooming flowers
2.Backyard BBQ's with family
3. Warm Sunshine on my face

Katt said...

1. All the bright colors
2. Flip flops, I have not worn socks in 2 months
3. Swimming!

Beth said...

1.Fresh vegetables from the garden
2.flowers are blooming everywhere
3.spending time with the grandkids

MMG said...

I love summer:

1. Grilling outside
2. Lightning bugs
3. Summer thunderstorms

MMG said...

Oops... I didn't say that I was new follower! Sorry!

Aremid said...

Finally the SUNSHINE!
Vacation Bible School
This Summer I'm just that much closer to having Joseph!

IrisGoddess said...

I love summer!

1 - Summer vacation means no kids to teach!
2 - My birthday
3 - sleeping in and staying up late

Rosemary said...


JeNn said...

Love the new look of your blog!

1. Love the warm weather

2. Love being outside

3. I love the crickets at night.

lisa said...

Memorial Day camping
hangin out at the Lake
breezes through open windows

Trisha said...

1. the sunshine
2. playing outside
3. ice cream always tastes better

jen said...

1. cook outs
2. garden veggies
3. vacation

Linda said...

I have become a follower.
1. going barefoot
2. eating fresh veggies from the garden
3. being outside more

Jodi said...

I love:

1. No school for the kiddies.
2. Camping
3. Swimming and BBQing...

Mama Tuttle said...

1. No school
2. Spending the days with my girls
3. Sleeping in

Kate's Life said...

Ahhhh...Summer! I love:

1.Picking fresh fruit, veggies and berries!
2. Cool ice cream on a warm night!
3. Eating outside ( can you say patio!!!)

Thanks for the great chance to win!

prh513142 said...

1. Warm sunshine
2. Long lazy days
3. Fresh garden veggies

Scarlett said...

1. having the summer to be a SAHM!!
2. heat!!! I love it hot!
3. going swimming at the lake or beach

silvia said...

1. neighborhood festivals
2.Farmers markets
3.Spending lots of time outdoors

amy said...

1. The warm weather
2. Thunder
3. Long daylight hours

Lynn said...

1.sitting on the porch with my hubby!
2.longer daylight hours
3.long Sunday drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway

I became a follower, I linked your blog to my blog life on the wienne ranch. You can reach me at pls0818@aol.com
Have a great summer and thanks for the chance to win some goodies!